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Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication (ISSN 1002-5685,CN 11-1523/G2, former title is Journal of International Communication), a peer-reviewed academic journal on the journalism and communication studies, was first published in 1961 and is edited and published monthly by Renmin University of China, Beijing, China. It is one of top journals in the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), and The Journalism and Communication Core Journals in China.


Since 1996 it has been listed in the Core Journals of China, at that time its content only concentrated on foreign researches. After the revision in 2006, Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication enlarged its vision to the whole field of communication and journalism researches in the world. The theory and practical topics, such as mass communication industry, broadcast and television, publication, advertisement, public relationship and media economics, are included in this journal.


As to the prestige and influence, Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication is the best of all Chinese academic journals in this field, according to the analysis in the article "The academic quality and ranking of the Journalism and communication Journals in Chinese mainland: an analysis based on CSSCI (Chinese social science index)", and the evaluation from the Committee of National Journalism and Communication Education in 2006.


The goal of this journal is: looking in to the change and development of media in the world, and improving the academic quality of journalism and communication research. For the better communication with the world, many world-renowned communication and journalism scholars have been invited to be as foreign members of editorial board.

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